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Project Description
SocialConnekt Community Edition is an open-source suite of servers and tools that allows claims-aware .NET applications to leverage social networks (such as Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc...) to handle authentication and advanced business scenarios.

The components of SocialConnekt Community Edition are the following:

- SocialConnekt Identity Server (or SIS): based on Southworks' Protocol Bridge Claims Provider, SIS is a multi-protocol Social Identity Provider that allows .NET applications to authenticate users on Windows Live, Yahoo! and Facebook. Additional social plugins can be built to provide authentication integration with other social networks (such as LinkedIn, Twitter and others).
- SocialConnekt for SharePoint CE (Community Edition): A SharePoint 2010 WSP solution that includes a custom claim provider, a Claims Viewer Web Part, and a User Information List Extensions feature (that adds 2 fields - Authentication Provider and Profile Complete - to a site collection's User Information List)

Default SocialConnekt Sign In Screen


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